Welcome to Amnis Technology Ltd

Formed in 2010, Amnis Technology is a new cutting-edge internet design, digital marketing and software development company. We specialize in new innovative solutions by integrating the very latest Web 2.0 technologies on the market.

Amnis Technology is a pioneering team committed towards delivering new and exciting solutions to a wide range of different businesses. We are working on some internal projects that push tech boundaries.

Latest News

An Amnis Day Out: Bowling

Here at Amnis Technology, we like to work hard and play hard. So nothing like a bit of competition between the ranks! Here are some pictures from the eventful night.     I think its fair enough to say the best team won!

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Back Online: A Year Without The Internet

One year is quite a long time. But many of us, like me, spend a large amount of it on the internet and depend on it for a whole host of things. Keeping in contact with friends, shopping, entertainment etc. We all have our little things that we use the internet for. How about if [...]

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Facebook is Calling

Facebook have released an update for free voice calling as part of their iOS Facebook Messanger app in the UK. The app was already released in North America back in January and is now available in the UK on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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Google Glass: My Thoughts

I’m going to start this off simply. Google Glass is a great idea.

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Sony Unveil the Playstation 4! Sort of…

Sony Unveils the Playstation 4! Sort of… After so much expectation for Sony to deliver they kind of did.

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